Monday, May 16, 2016

The Fishwrap and Seminarians.

Last week, there was an interview with a Sulpician, who is involved in seminary formation, on an alleged Francis Effect among seminarians. He claims that the new guys are 'less rigid', you know don't cassocks, are open to fuzzy theology, and stuff like that. Don't know whether it is true or not. It was in the Fishwrap, so I of course view it with suspicion. I suspect that it is wishful thinking on the part of a certain generation and certainly shouldn't be tied to the Holy Father.
One thing that he said that really raised my hackles was, "They are less likely to view psychological counseling with suspicion." Dear Father, have you ever asked yourself why seminarians viewed and continue to view counseling with suspicion? Could it be that all too often psychology was and is used in formation in a way analogous to how psychiatry was used in the Soviet Union? How many seminarians and religious were sentenced, and yes I use the term intentionally, to counseling not because of any pathology but because they actually believe in the Faith?
All in all I think that interview sad far more about those involved in formation in many places than it did about seminarians.
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