Friday, October 10, 2014


God is merciful and He wishes all to go to heaven. BUT He will not force anyone to go there. We must cooperate with His grace/mercy. We need to open ourselves to It. The way we do this is through repentance. To ignore the call to repentance or refuse to issue it closes the path to Mercy. God's choice to save us has been made. Our choice to accept that salvation remains and we must accept it all to gain Heaven.

Further more, we know how it is done We have 2000 years of history to show us how. To think that we moderns know how to do this better than the Apostles, Fathers, and saints is the height of pride and stupidity.

The Church is the servant and steward of the Gospel. She can neither add to, subtract from, or change Her. Leave the Hopey-Changey crap to the secular servant of Anti-Gospel/Anti-Church/Anti-Christ. 
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