Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Things to Consider:

Some things to consider:
1) We are not Donatists. The authority of a bishop or priest does not depend on his personal holiness, wisdom, or prudence. So we need to obey them in all matters they have authority and as long as the command is in accord with Divine and ecclesial law.
2) Only the Apostles were chosen directly by God. Since then, we have had to rely on those with Apostolic authority. We hope that they act with wisdom and prudence, but this has not always be the case; for example, Weakland and Ziemann. Only the overly pious think every Pope and bishop is selected by the Holy Spirit.
3) Clergy don't have to be perfect, which is a good thing since they are not. We make a grave mistake when we pretend they are. However, this does not detract or invalidate the office. Respect and reverence the office even if you can't the man.
4) We are not called to be lemmings or mind-numbed robots. This is why we have a Church not a cult.
5) You never know what an office will do to a person. St. Thomas Beckett was no great shakes before being made a bishop. God's grace did remarkable things to him. Conversely, your perfect candidate for bishop of X may turn out to be a dud. I can think of a retired west coast Cardinal who seemed to be the very incarnation of orthodoxy but turned out to be very different.
6) Pray. Pray often and pray hard. We can't make other people orthodox or holy by waving a magic wand or coming up with the perfect pastoral plan. Certainly we can hold them to account and give them good example, but they have to make the choice themselves. Some will and some won't. Only the Modernists think they can build the City of God here on Earth. Our home is not an earthly one.
7) This too shall pass.

(Update) I need to add one more.
8) The Gate of the Netherworld shall not prevail against Her.
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