Wednesday, June 18, 2014

On The Arizona Shooting.

To those who question Fr. Walker owning a gun and Fr. Terra attempting to use for protection, let me offer the following observations. First, self-defense is a natural right. This right entails the means of its exercise. A firearm is a great equalizer. It makes it possible for the small, old, and weak to stand in the face of brute violence. Christianity is not a pacifistic faith. I cannot speak for my brother priests, but for my own part, I am willing to die for the Faith. I am not however willing die so that a criminal can pad his pockets or a druggie can get a fix. I am also unwilling to do nothing and allow him to move on to someone else.
Second, to those who say Fr. Terra should simply have called the police, let me ask what he should have done for the 10 minutes or so until they arrived? Allow the perp to continue beating him to death with an iron rod? Police do not prevent crimes, they clean up after them.
Third, well the gun was taken away and used to kill Fr. Walker. If there hadn't been a gun, they would have lived or at least survived. Well, a gun isn't a magic wand that works every time. The perp had so injured Fr. Walker that he was unable to use the gun. Ill fortune. But it well could have been different and if he had been able to pull the trigger, it would have been a different story.
Each one of us has the responsibility to see to our own safety. We can't wait for the police or other people to do it. The worst thing we can do is to stand passive in the face of evil.
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