Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Can Keep Your Simplicity.

Simplicity did not attract me to the Catholic Church. Truth did. I read myself into the Church. History made it evident that the Catholic Church is the church founded by Christ.

But beauty and pomp were a close second. From a young age I was fascinate by the the ceremony of the Church. The funerals of Paul VI and John Paul I as well as the election of Bl. John Paul II caught my attention. In the ceremony and vesture, my mind was directed to something not of this world. Truth brought me to the Cathedral of the Madeline on that fateful day in late December 1980, but it was the ornate beauty of that church that set the hook.

If I was looking for simplicity, I would have become Amish or a Quaker. Instead in liturgy, beauty, iconography, in complexity my mind and heart have been lifted to heavenly realms. I suspect my experience is not unique.
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