Thursday, January 09, 2014

Anaheim Congress? No, no, no.

The annual Anaheim Religious Education Congress is coming soon. Religious educator and other Catholic from all over the west will be coming. But not from my parish. Sure they can go if they want to, but the parish won’t pay for it. Why you may ask. They have some good speakers. Yes, this year Fr. Barron is giving the keynote address, but there is still an awful lot of heresy and dissent. And while I would trust my catechists use good judgment in who they listen too, I will not give them money until they get their house in order. (I had hoped that Archbishop Gomez would have handled that by now.) Here are problematic ones that stand out without any further research on my part:

Sr Dianne Bergant, CSA
Fr. Donald Cozzens (Dissenter on sexual issues.)
Sr. Fran Ferder (Dissenter on many issues. Enduring a conference by her at the sem.)
Dr. Thomas Groome. (Ex-priest, dissenter who had a hand in the wretched catechetics of the last half-century.)
David Haas (Purveyor of crappy music.)
Marty Huagen (The other half of the infamous duo.)
Fr. John Heagle (Fran Ferder’s sidekick.)
Carey Landry (Ex-priest. What the hell is an ex-priest doing speaking on pastoral care of the sick?)
Fr. Bryan Massingale (Dissenter on sexual issues.)
Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP
Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ (Former editor of “America” removed at the insistence of the Vatican.)
Rev. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI

And don’t get me started on the liturgies that celebrate US!
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