Saturday, March 30, 2013


Reflecting on several young women of my acquaintance who have lost their faith (I pray only for the time being), it occurs to me that our anesthetic culture has rendered them utterly unable to cope spiritually or intellectually with the inevitable pain, troubles, and sorrows of life. They have been led to expect that life can and should be one endless painfree joyfest. This attitude has penetrated the Church. From the presentation of the Care Bear Jesus to the virtual elimination of fast and abstinence to the dispensation or elimination of practices that are considered to be even slightly inconvenient, we are encouraging a culture of self-centered wimpiness. We have raised a generation incapable of martyrdom. They expect their wants to be catered to. Rather than conform themselves to Christ, especially in His suffering, they expect all things to be conformed to them. It is an attitude centered on this world, not the next. And the hierarchy is complicit in this. Until this is changed, things are only going to get worse.