Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Would You Like Some Whine With That?

Yes, tomorrow is/ought to be Ascension Thursday. This means that it is time for my 18th Annual Whine On Moving The Ascension (tm). As usual, the Famous Father Z (tm) beat me to the punch on this with his usual wit and erudition. But that will not deter me, I will throw in my three cents worth.

First, the Ascension is a historical feast. It is not a conceptual or doctrinal feast like Christ the King, Corpus Christi, or Trinity Sunday. These days are not tied to a particular time. (Though I don't like moving Corpus Christi for other reasons.) Moreover, it has a particular temporal relation to Easter; forty days. The historicity requires that it be celebrated on Thursday.

Second, if it is important enough to celebrate it is important enough to celebrate it on the correct day. The argument that more people can celebrate it on Sunday is a load of _____. We make things far too convenient for people; part of our convenience society. Religious should be difficult in some respects and require sacrifices and inconvenience. (This ties in to the wimpification of Lent.) And those who honestly can't attend are excused anyway.

This beings me to my third point. This is yet another retreat. The practice of our religion is being pushed out of the public square and we let it happen! We let and even encourage the separation of Christian life from everyday life. No more! If it inconveniences some folks, big freakin' deal. I suspect this is more about lazy priests than anything else. God forbid that we should have two Sunday schedules in a week. Yeah it is tiring, but that is the job.

In short, give us back our holy days on the proper day. And I pray that next year I won't have to do the Nineteenth Whine.

(P. S. The last few years have been better because in the Extraordinary Form I can celebrate Ascension Thursday.)
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