Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coon Chicken Inn. Hey, lighten up!

When my late grandmother first told me about these places, I thought she was joking. But then there was an article about them in the local paper. (The first one was in  Salt Lake City. Doh, between that and Rocky Anderson, I am ashamed of my home town.) What in the hell were people thinking? How could this ever been considered acceptable? Fortunately, by the late 1950s people could see them for what they were and when the owners retired they were closed. (Read about them here.) Such a think could never happen today.

But wait a minute. In Fells Point, Maryland, there is the Ale Mary's Bar. The light-hearted fun includes, holy water font snack bowls, a monstrance on the bar, and a 'Chalice Club' (yes, member can drink beer from chalices.) Just light-hearted fun, no blasphemy here, move along. In fact, when owners were confronted by rightfully offended Catholics, they said we should lighten up. Sure, it's all in good fun when the holy is mocked and holy objects are desecrated. (BTW, where did they get these objects? Far more care needs to be given unwanted liturgical objects. Any bishops out there listening?) I forgot it is OK to mock Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. No one is required to have sensitivity for that. But should anyone open "Shylock's Kosher Deli" or "Towelhead Felafel Hut", well you know.
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