Monday, January 23, 2012

Index Of Fobidden Hymns (Gather, Pt. XI).

This includes the hymns for funerals.  Notice how they just assume that the deceased is just going to go to Heaven. No prayers for them are necessary at all. It also includes songs for "Penance and Reconciliation". No a peep about the Sacrament of Confession. It is a microcosm of what is wrong with theology.

Numbers 851-900:

854-I Know That My Redeemer Lives: HH.
859-The Hand of God Shall Hold You: HH, P. It just assumes the deceased is going to Heaven.
860-I, the Lord: SIGV. No, He is the Lord. You are the creature.
861-Song of the Exile: HH.
864-Song of Farewell: SWTR. (Just use "In Paradisum".)
867-Wherever You Go: HH.
869-We Will Serve the Lord: HH.
875-Jesus, Heal Us: HH.
880-Deep Down in My Soul: HH.
882-Healer of Our Every Ill: HH.
883-Ashes: H, HL. "To create ourselves anew"? I don't think so.
884-I Want to Call You: HH, NAU.
892-God of Eve and God of Mary: C, DO.

And that's it for "Gather". Keep your eyes open for a wrap-up post.

C=Castrated, DO= Dubious Orthodoxy, DMWP=Don't Mess With Perfection, DS=Dan Schutte, DTD=Done To Death, EP=Ex-Priest, G=Germanophobic, H=Heretical, HH=Haugen&Haas, HL=Hella Lame, LC=Leftist Crap, NAU=Not About Us, P=Presumptuous,  PC=Politically Correct,  SIGV=Singing In God's Voice (i. e. we are not God), SWTR= Stick With The Rite, TMV=Too Many Verses, WIG=Where is God?
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