Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random Liturgical Gripes.

Liturgist Animus Against Penance What is up with that? It seems that the liturgical establishment is pushing for the elimination of the penitential rite act whenever they can. Funeral Mass? Eliminate it. Ash Wednesday? Eliminate it. Nuptial Mass (in the new Missal)? Eliminate it. I seem to remember reading that Bugnini suppressed it in the first draft of the Mass of Paul VI. Add to the post-conciliar transformation of Advent from a penitential season to one of joyful expectation (whatever that means). There seems to two ideas at work here. First, there can be too much penance and that joy and penance are mutually exclusive. Bunk and double bunk. Penance is joyful in that it draws us closer to Christ. There is also the ancient Christian principle that worship and celebration must be preceded by penance. I guess these are the same types that think we can't have crucifixes because we are 'an Easter people'.

Apostles' Creed in place of the Nicean-Constanipolitan. I love the 2002 Misale Romanum and its new English translation. However, I don't think the option to use the Apostles' Creed is a good idea. We need more specificity about our Faith, not less.

Advent Police. My first year at the seminary, the Ice Queen (tm) decreed that there would be no Christmas decorations at all during Advent. (I think she was descended from Burgermeister Meisterburger.) It made for the most depressing December EVER! Jesse Trees just don't cut it. I hear more and more of similar bans. Get a grip folks. I understand the desire to appreciate the Liturgical Season of Christmas, but get a grip folks. Saying Merry Christmas does not destroy Advent and neither do Christmas lights and trees. This problem can addressed by the gradual introduction of Christmas decorations culminating on December 25th and by leaving them up until the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Liturgical Puritanism in not the answer.

(Later addition) Liturgical Newspeak.  "Eucharistic Liturgy", "Reconciliation", and "Gathering Space (or any 'space' for that matter)", I am thinking of you! The liturginazis hate traditional terminology. While the Mass is a Eucharistic Liturgy, it is not the only one; see Benediction and a Communion Service. Confession is only Reconciliation if one is guilty of a mortal sin. Our churches are more than just 'spaces' for worship. Just stick to the traditional terms and everyone will know what you are talking about.
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