Monday, October 10, 2011

Index Of Forbidden Songs (Gather, Pt. VII).

OK, I'm back from the annual EOHSJ meeting in lovely Las Vegas and a few days of vacation. Time to start up the Gather destruction machine again.

Numbers 651-700:

654-With a Shepherd's Care: DO, C.
656-Thy Kingdom Come: NAU.
658-Bring Forth the Kingdom: HH, DO ("City of God" Lite.)
659-Blest Are They: HH, DO, NAU.
660-Onward to the Kingdom: HH, DO "God above, and God below"?
663-As a Fire Is Meant for Burning: H "Not to preach our creeds or customs"?
664-Church of God: TMV.
670-Whatsover You Do: DTD, TMV "Whatsoever you do, just finish this song."
672-I Am the Vine: SIGV.
676-You Have Annointed Me: SIGV.
678-City of God: H, DTD, DS. Pelagianism with a catchy tune.
680-You Are Called to Tell the Story: DO Singing! Dancing! Sharing! Living! Ewww.
682-God Has Chosen Me: NAU. Hubris.
683-Servant Song: SIGV.
685-Moved by the Gospel, Let Us Move: C.
686-Here I Am, Lord: DS, SIGV, NAU, DTD.
690-Anthem: DO, NAU, DTD.
694-Now We Remain: HH, NAU.
695-Only This I Want: DS. Shutte's best.
699-We Have Been Told: HH, SIGV.
700-The Summons: SIGV.

C=Castrated, DO= Dubious Orthodoxy, DMWP=Don't Mess With Perfection, DS=Dan Schutte, DTD=Done To Death, EP=Ex-Priest, G=Germanophobic, H=Heretical, HH=Haugen&Haas, HL=Hella Lame, LC=Leftist Crap, NAU=Not About Us, SIGV=Singing In God's Voice(i. e. we are not God, SWTR= Stick With The Rite, TMV=Too Many Verses, WIG=Where is God?
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