Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roman Calendar Wishlist.

There are 59 days until the next important step in the Reform of the Reform hits the United States. Good bye banal paraphrase and hello accurate, elegant translation!

Perhaps then we should look forward to possible upcoming steps. Of course new translations of the rest of the Roman Liturgy are in the offing. I hope to live to see Ad Orientem, a return to traditional practice in receiving Holy Communion, more traditional sacramental rites, and the scraping of the Book of Blessings.

But I would also like to see a reform of the Roman Calendar that restores many traditional elements. It would include:
--restoration of Advent as a penitential season.
--restoration of the semi-season of Septuagesima.
--a change of Ordinary Time to the seasons of Epiphany and Pentecost.
--additions of octaves for each Solemnity.
--the restoration of Rogation and Ember Days.
--the addition of the feast of St. Erik to the general calendar.
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