Saturday, September 17, 2011

Index Of Forbidden Songs (Gather, Pt. VI).

Time for another installment. The ribs seem to be knitting back together. And on Monday, I begin my annual retreat at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center in Alhambra, CA. This year the retreat master is Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ. I am really looking forward to it.

Number 601-650:

602-Though The Mountains May Fall: DS, DTD
604-You Are Near: DS, DTD (Original version with the original four letter word.)
607-A Mighty Fortress Is Our God: EP Martin Luther, arch-heretic, nuf said.
608-Be Not Afraid: SIGV, DTD Be afraid, be very afraid.
611-On Eagle's Wings: SIGV, DTD.
617-Blest Be the Lord: DS, DTD.
624-Faith, Hope and Love: HH, HL.
628-No Greater Love: SIGV.
629-God Is Love: HH.
633-Lover of Us All: DS, SIGV.
638-Eye Has Not Seen: HH.
640-A Touching Place: HL. The title and verses violate Safe Environment rules.
645-Show Us the Path of Life: HH.
647-Come to Me: SIGV.
649-You Are Mine: HH, SIGV.
650-Come to Me: HH, SIGV.

C=Castrated, DO= Dubious Orthodoxy, DMWP=Don't Mess With Perfection, DS=Dan Schutte, DTD=Done To Death, EP=Ex-Priest, G=Germanophobic, H=Heretical, HH=Haugen&Haas, HL=Hella Lame, LC=Leftist Crap, NAU=Not About Us, SIGV=Singing In God's Voice(i. e. we are not God, SWTR= Stick With The Rite, TMV=Too Many Verses, WIG=Where is God?
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