Sunday, August 07, 2011

Index Of Forbidden Songs (Music Issue, Pt. IX).

Some have asked what exactly is wrong with SIGV? I will try to do a separate post on it later in the week.

Numbers 701-752

702-I, The Lord: SIGV
707-Hail Mary: Gentle Woman: EP, DO (Worst Marian song ever! Mainly because of the Romantic, Feminist drivel of the second verse, "blest in turn all women too. Blessed they with peaceful spirits. Blessed they with gentle hearts.)
712-Song Of Mary: DS
718-There Is Nothing Told: DO (What about the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption. and the Coronation.)
729- God Most Holy: C, DO (Bends over backwards to avoid the revealed Trinitarian formula.)
734-Glory In The Cross: DS
741-Litany Of The Saints: SWTR (The Church already gives us a Litany of Saints.)
746-The King Of Glory: DTD (Can't hear it without thinking of Stephen Colbert.)

And that is it as I am not going to go through the psalms and Mass settings. On to "Gather".

C=Castrated, DO= Dubious Orthodoxy, DMWP=Don't Mess With Perfection, DS=Dan Schutte, DTD=Done To Death, EP=Ex-Priest, G=Germanophobic, H=Heretical, HH=Haugen&Haas, HL=Hella Lame, LC=Leftist Crap, NAU=Not About Us, SIGV=Singing In God's Voice(i. e. we are not God, SWTR= Stick With The Rite, TMV=Too Many Verses, WIG=Where is God?
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