Friday, June 03, 2011

46 Years of ME!

Yup, yesterday was my birthday. I was born at 10:56 p. m. June 2, 1965 in the old hospital in Cedar City, Utah. I was 3 weeks late thus beginning the lifelong habit of causing pain for poor mother. Thank you for your prayers. (Though I still haven't received either my St. Remi Chalice, 20 pd. Napoleon, 50 Cal Barrett, or '39 Packard 4-Door). So I thought I would give you some flashbacks:

40 years ago, mom and I were living in a converted Victorian house in the SLC avenues. It was haunted. (I will have to post on the some day.)

30 years ago, I had just finished my sophomore year at Highland High School, was working at Little Wars Hobby selling RPGs, and was in my second month of being a Catholic. I also had just received my first car ('73 Mazda RX3 wagon) and my driver's license--miraculously I have yet to kill or injure myself or someone else on the road.

20 years ago, I had just completed second theology at Mt. Angel Seminary and was beginning the torture which was CPE.

10 years ago, I was the pastor of St. Anthony of Padua parish in lovely Helper, Utah and one of two Republicans in Carbon County.

Where will I be ten years from now? God alone knows.
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