Monday, March 28, 2011

"I Didn't Leave The Church, The Church Left Me."

Thus says ex-Msgr. Dale Fushek, founder of Life Teen, Vicar General of Phoenix under the discredited Bishop O'Brien, registered sex-offender, and excommunicant. Right, the Church, led by the mean Thomas Olmstead left him. It had nothing to do with his own misconduct, his complicity with the problems under O'Brien, or the fact that he started his own Protestant style church with a married ex-priest. He does admit one fault, that he tried too hard to be one of the guys. Well, he did end up as one of a different set of guys; heretics and schismatics--though definitely not the a-team.

Can't you just see Simon Magus writing a book, "Hey, I Just Wanted To Give The Apostles A Tip". Or Arius, "Why Christology From Below Is Important To Me". Or Luther, "Can I Help That I Am Smarter Than The Pope And 1500 Years Of Saints?"

Face it Dale, you left the Church the moment you decided to do things your own way, which was evidently long before the founding of the Praise and Worship Center.
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