Monday, March 07, 2011

Great, I Live In "Big Brotherville".

This gives me the creeps and doesn't at all may me feel safer. Not that I particularly want to feel safer. (Nor do I like agreeing with the ACLU.)

OGDEN — Police in Ogden could be watching you more often.

The agency is building a "real time crime center," which will integrate security cameras from private businesses and government buildings.

Critics may call it a case of "Big Brother," but police say it'll help reduce crime.

"We've had cameras up for years. This is just finding a way to use them a little better," said Ogden Police Chief John Greiner.

Currently, 180 cameras keep an eye on the city of Ogden. Officers watch the footage from a room inside police headquarters.

Soon, they could have access to hundreds of additional cameras.

Greiner says he's working with the Utah Department of Transportation and the Utah Transit Authority to include feeds from their cameras. Police will also approach business owners who have outside cameras.

Footage taken from its new crime blimp, set to launch this spring, will also be fed into the crime center.

Ooooo, a crime blimp--even more Orwellian. (Read the rest here.)

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