Friday, February 18, 2011

Read My Lips, No New Taxes!

And unlike G. H. W. Bush, I mean this absolutely. Everyone in America who pays taxes is paying too much already. Every level of government in America is spending too much money. What is the solution? Cut spending. Start with the fluff. Do I really need to subsidize puppets, cartoon, and liberal talk-shows? No, start with PBS and NPR. Then add government subsidies for the arts and humanities. I love classical music (ballet not so much), but it is not the business of government to fund it. Why are we paying people NOT to grow food? Let's also end funding of unhealthy lifestyle promotion by Planned Parenthood. Know Matthew Lesko? He is the guy in a question mark suit that hawks a book of free government money. Buy the book and eliminate each and every program in it. You get the point. The entitlement mentality must be stopped. Rant off.
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