Monday, February 21, 2011

Night Of The Living Dead Letter.

So, I found this in my church over the weekend; the manual for wreckovation and ugly churches. Issued in 1978 by the Bishops' Committee on Liturgy, this justified the destruction of more church interiors than I can to mention. (The before and after pictures in it are heart-rending.) Click here for a good critique. The saddest part, is that even though the liturgists treated it as if in came down from Mt. Sinai, it never had any authority. Fortunately, it has been supplanted by the infinitely better, but still flawed, "Built of Living Stones", which is an official document of the USCCB. Unfortunately, this dead letter is still used to support ugly and destructive church designs and renovations. Hmmmm, destructive dead things--THE UNDEAD! Is it a zombie? Then remember to double-tap! Is it a vampire? Stake it! Better yet, just ignore it as a relic of the bad old days.
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