Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hopes For The New Missal.

Yup, I am excited about the new translation. I have done a couple of dry runs and am amazed at how much more profound and moving the new language is. Top this off with the fact that all the 'right' people are whining and moaning about it. (The only thing I don't like is the option to use the Apostles Creed instead of the Nicean, but hey, it won't happen in my parish.) But, you say, this isn't a hope anymore, it is a certainty. Right you are! But, I have hopes concerning the new Roman Missal. I mean the physical books itself, not the translation.

First, I hope that it will be a quality binding that is durable. I have several Extraordinary Form missals that are over 60 years old that are in great shape. However, when it comes to sacramentaries, they last at most seven years. After that amount of time, the binding seems to disintegrate. Now this may be that in the EF, the book itself wasn't moved so often, but I don't care. They should be made to stand up to rigorous use in an average parish.

Second, I hope that the artwork is better than the blocky 'folk art' in the current sacramentary. Look at the beautiful engravings in an old Benzinger and compare it to a current Catholic Book; no comparision. Heck, I would even prefer the slightly creepy big-eyed pseudo icons from the current editio typica.

Finally, I hope to see some quality ribbons that are of a width appropriate for the size of the missal. Little thin ones just don't cut it. Or rather they do cut it. The paper that is.
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