Saturday, February 05, 2011

Another Reason To Dislike Tom Cruise (As If I Needed One).

Hi my name is Father Erik and I am an H. P. Lovecraft fan. (Hello, Father Erik.) I am also a fan of movies by Guillermo del Toro. So, I been in geek heaven since word got out that del Toro's long gestating "At the Mountains of Madness" (one of my favorite Lovecraft stories) project is actually in the works. Great author, great story, great director; what could go wrong?

Well, the pigeon of bad casting has pooped on my happiness. Dark Horizons reports that James Cameron is producing and Cruise is all but signed to the movie. Cameron, great. Now the Great Ones will all be blue and the Miskatonic team will be tools of western imperialism. As for Tom Cruise, to paraphrase Peter O'Toole in "My Favorite Year", he is not an actor, he is a movie star. The last film that he was in that I like was "Top Gun". I liked it in spite of him. Since then, zip. He even ruined "A Few Good Men". Add to this that he is pusher of L. Ron's koolaid and you get the picture. For a long time, I thought, "Wouldn't a movie about the Valkyrie Plot be great?" And then along came Cruise to ruin "Valkyrie". Now he will stink up "Madness". Oh well, I suppose I can hope he gets eaten by a Shoggoth.
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