Monday, February 28, 2011

Aaahhha Moment.

A while ago, the dudes over at Creative Minority Report posted on an Old Catholic Sect advertising itself in the Philadelphia area with what could best be characterized as anti-Catholic attack ads. They link to a fawning article by a Philadelphia columnist that cites one of the ads as saying. “Our Catholic Church has never had a sex abuse scandal!” (Give it time, it will, particularly considering the composition of its clergy.) I paid attention to this because we have one of these pseudo-Catholic churches about a mile south of us here in Ogden, though it is a Metropolitan Community Church that switched brands.

This weekend Jesterius Magnus posted about the firing of an Old Catholic Priest who was teaching at Chestnut Hill College in the Philadelphia area. He was fired by the private Catholic college for living in an openly gay relationship for the last fifteen years.

Something seemed familiar in both stories. (It was the church's name of St. Miriam.) Yes, it is the same fellow; working for a Catholic college and serving as the pastor of a church using anti-Catholic ads to boost its membership. The fellow is wondering if a letter from a lawyer lead to his dismissal, as he states that he didn't bring up his lifestyle in class. I suggest that the ads are likely what put him on the radar.

This begs the question of how he got hired at a Catholic college to begin with.
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