Monday, February 28, 2011

Hits Too Close To Home..

eh LarryD? (See the rest here.)

Always Useful Information!

Thanks to parishioner and reader Michael for the link to the helpful film, "What To Do In A Zombie Attack."

I Want A Cat!

If I could breathe around it, I would get a cat so I could do this! (Zucchetto spin to the Famous Larry D.)

Aaahhha Moment.

A while ago, the dudes over at Creative Minority Report posted on an Old Catholic Sect advertising itself in the Philadelphia area with what could best be characterized as anti-Catholic attack ads. They link to a fawning article by a Philadelphia columnist that cites one of the ads as saying. “Our Catholic Church has never had a sex abuse scandal!” (Give it time, it will, particularly considering the composition of its clergy.) I paid attention to this because we have one of these pseudo-Catholic churches about a mile south of us here in Ogden, though it is a Metropolitan Community Church that switched brands.

This weekend Jesterius Magnus posted about the firing of an Old Catholic Priest who was teaching at Chestnut Hill College in the Philadelphia area. He was fired by the private Catholic college for living in an openly gay relationship for the last fifteen years.

Something seemed familiar in both stories. (It was the church's name of St. Miriam.) Yes, it is the same fellow; working for a Catholic college and serving as the pastor of a church using anti-Catholic ads to boost its membership. The fellow is wondering if a letter from a lawyer lead to his dismissal, as he states that he didn't bring up his lifestyle in class. I suggest that the ads are likely what put him on the radar.

This begs the question of how he got hired at a Catholic college to begin with.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Night Of The Living Dead Letter.

So, I found this in my church over the weekend; the manual for wreckovation and ugly churches. Issued in 1978 by the Bishops' Committee on Liturgy, this justified the destruction of more church interiors than I can to mention. (The before and after pictures in it are heart-rending.) Click here for a good critique. The saddest part, is that even though the liturgists treated it as if in came down from Mt. Sinai, it never had any authority. Fortunately, it has been supplanted by the infinitely better, but still flawed, "Built of Living Stones", which is an official document of the USCCB. Unfortunately, this dead letter is still used to support ugly and destructive church designs and renovations. Hmmmm, destructive dead things--THE UNDEAD! Is it a zombie? Then remember to double-tap! Is it a vampire? Stake it! Better yet, just ignore it as a relic of the bad old days.

Happy Presidents' Day.

Now go celebrate it in the proper modern fashion; buy mattresses or appliances. (Or, just do what one of my parishioners does: scam free hot dogs from companies that sell mattresses and appliances.)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Read My Lips, No New Taxes!

And unlike G. H. W. Bush, I mean this absolutely. Everyone in America who pays taxes is paying too much already. Every level of government in America is spending too much money. What is the solution? Cut spending. Start with the fluff. Do I really need to subsidize puppets, cartoon, and liberal talk-shows? No, start with PBS and NPR. Then add government subsidies for the arts and humanities. I love classical music (ballet not so much), but it is not the business of government to fund it. Why are we paying people NOT to grow food? Let's also end funding of unhealthy lifestyle promotion by Planned Parenthood. Know Matthew Lesko? He is the guy in a question mark suit that hawks a book of free government money. Buy the book and eliminate each and every program in it. You get the point. The entitlement mentality must be stopped. Rant off.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ecumenism I Can Believe In!

Click here to read an open letter by Baptist Pastor Tom Vineyard to his local police chief opposing gun control. It is refreshing to read of a brother in Christ opposing non-sense.

You Want Me To Preach On What?

Longtime readers know that I am a smart alec (or words to that effect). Is it any wonder then that I have like minded friends in my parish? One of them came up to me and asked how I was going to preach on Global Warming this weekend. After I gave him the deer in the headlights look, I asked him what he was talking about. Well, it seems there is a National Preach-in on Global Warming. (I sense Rod Serling hiding behind a tree somewhere.

I am not now nor will I ever preach on the fictitious Global Warming, but if I did it would be something like the following. Man caused Global Warming is a false theory used by environmental extremists to advance their Socialist and Malthusian agenda. I will not risk my soul by using the Gospel to advance a lie.

"Happy" Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hopes For The New Missal.

Yup, I am excited about the new translation. I have done a couple of dry runs and am amazed at how much more profound and moving the new language is. Top this off with the fact that all the 'right' people are whining and moaning about it. (The only thing I don't like is the option to use the Apostles Creed instead of the Nicean, but hey, it won't happen in my parish.) But, you say, this isn't a hope anymore, it is a certainty. Right you are! But, I have hopes concerning the new Roman Missal. I mean the physical books itself, not the translation.

First, I hope that it will be a quality binding that is durable. I have several Extraordinary Form missals that are over 60 years old that are in great shape. However, when it comes to sacramentaries, they last at most seven years. After that amount of time, the binding seems to disintegrate. Now this may be that in the EF, the book itself wasn't moved so often, but I don't care. They should be made to stand up to rigorous use in an average parish.

Second, I hope that the artwork is better than the blocky 'folk art' in the current sacramentary. Look at the beautiful engravings in an old Benzinger and compare it to a current Catholic Book; no comparision. Heck, I would even prefer the slightly creepy big-eyed pseudo icons from the current editio typica.

Finally, I hope to see some quality ribbons that are of a width appropriate for the size of the missal. Little thin ones just don't cut it. Or rather they do cut it. The paper that is.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

De Rebus Bowlissimi.

The following needs to be said. I am pulling for the Steelers. First, because they humiliated my Bears and need to be punished. (Though, I suspect that the Bears loss is best attributed to Divine retribution on Chicago for giving us Oprah and Obama.) Second, the biggest horse's ass I know is a Packer Backer. They need to loose just to ruin his day.

And no, I haven't canceled my 6:00 p. m. Mass for the game. The day I cancel a Mass for a sporting event, it will be a very, very cold day in Hell. I really don't want to go before the Lord and have Him say to me, "So, a football game takes precedence over My Sacrifice?"

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Another Reason To Dislike Tom Cruise (As If I Needed One).

Hi my name is Father Erik and I am an H. P. Lovecraft fan. (Hello, Father Erik.) I am also a fan of movies by Guillermo del Toro. So, I been in geek heaven since word got out that del Toro's long gestating "At the Mountains of Madness" (one of my favorite Lovecraft stories) project is actually in the works. Great author, great story, great director; what could go wrong?

Well, the pigeon of bad casting has pooped on my happiness. Dark Horizons reports that James Cameron is producing and Cruise is all but signed to the movie. Cameron, great. Now the Great Ones will all be blue and the Miskatonic team will be tools of western imperialism. As for Tom Cruise, to paraphrase Peter O'Toole in "My Favorite Year", he is not an actor, he is a movie star. The last film that he was in that I like was "Top Gun". I liked it in spite of him. Since then, zip. He even ruined "A Few Good Men". Add to this that he is pusher of L. Ron's koolaid and you get the picture. For a long time, I thought, "Wouldn't a movie about the Valkyrie Plot be great?" And then along came Cruise to ruin "Valkyrie". Now he will stink up "Madness". Oh well, I suppose I can hope he gets eaten by a Shoggoth.

Hitler and Hell