Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christ, King Of The Universe.

I have emerged from my Zombie-apocalypse bunker and am disappointed to find out that it has not occurred--yet! Just you wait. I will be ready for it.

Seriously, since I have a visiting priest in the parish, I have taken the opportunity to drive up to the People's Republic of Oregon to visit my old stomping grounds at Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary. I hadn't seen the place since the new administration/classroom building and the bell-tower on the Abbey Church were built. They and the new landscaping are both impressive. Even more impressive is the full enrollment at the seminary and the gentlemen who are visiting the Abbey to investigate monastic life. (The weather is, of course, wet. I feel my vestigial gills return and am developing the Innsmouth look.)

The strangest think about Oregon is not being able to pump your own gas. It is a safety issue they say. I know that I feel safer having a minimum wage pro pump my gas.

The best thing about a visit to Mt. Angel is praying with the monk. (I sometimes wish that I had a monastic vocation, but I don't. I can't picture being father laundry master for the rest of my life.) There was a beautiful Mass today in the Abbey Church as we celebrated Christ the King.

Please remember that Christ is our King and we are His subject. His power and authority are His. They do not come from us. We do not have to consent to it and we don't elect him. Before Him ever power and authority must bow and submit. All power, honor, and glory is His! Amen.
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