Monday, July 26, 2010

By The Company They Keep.

The Curt Jester has posted an especially good fisk and analysis of an article on a (former) Roman Catholic Woman(non)Priest in Oregon. (Read it especially for the truth about a 1976 Pontifical Biblical Commission report on women's ordination that the chicks-with-pyx habitually misrepresent.)

Anyway, it contains a link to the Water Witches' website. I looked through there western region sub-site to see if there was an local activity (there isn't--yet) and if I knew any of the Poncho Gals in Oregon (I don't, which surprises me considering some of the lay women who took classes at the sem). But I did spy an interesting name on their list--Rod Stephens. For those who don't know, Ram Rod (the origin of his unfortunate nick-name will quickly become apparent) is a laicized and excommunicated priest formerly of the Diocese of Orange. While he was the head of the office of liturgy, he was more well-known for cohabitating with his homosexual partner while still an active priest. (They even sent out joint holiday cards.) While he may be one of the girls, it is interesting that he is considered a Woman(non)Priest. Their is a note on the list that explains, "RCWP has accepted a few male priests to their membership who work closely with their ministries."

What is important to note is that the Poncho Gals don't just dissent from the Church teaching in one area. Their heresy has metastasized, as is usual road of dissent.
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