Thursday, April 08, 2010

Journalistic Self-Image/Self-Righteous Twit.

Two of these cartoons are Nazi propaganda and two are from The Salt Lake Tribune. Not much difference is there? Except that perhaps the Nazis were more honest in their agenda and hatred for the Church. The Nazis also didn't hide their agenda behind a facade of journalistic fairness and search for the truth. The Tribune cartoonist, Pat Bagley, is a self-righteous little liberal twit. He wasn't always this way. He used to be fair and even-handed in his satire, but over the last decade he has turned into a far left ideologue. Pope Benedict is just his latest target. And the injustice is glaring. NO ONE has done more to rid the Church of clerical abusers, but you can't tell a liberal that. They simply don't care. They aren't shining the light of truth, but rather spreading lies to attack one of the few forces in the West standing for traditional values. (I almost wish I had taken the opportunity to slap Bagley silly a few months ago when I was stuck in traffic beside him.)

(P. S. The Nazis had better artists.)

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