Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Statue Found, Doofus Arrested.

Here is the story:

What once was lost, now is found. A statue stolen from a Salt Lake area church is back where it belongs.

Salt Lake police found the statue of St. Ambrose Monday afternoon, now it's back at the Catholic church that bears his name. The church got a tip from someone claiming their buddy stole the statue, and they knew where it was. Police looked into it, and found the statue in the garage of a home in Midvale and returned it to the St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Salt Lake City.

Officers arrested 31 year old Christopher Hayward for possession of stolen property. He's facing second degree felony charges. Police said the statue was damaged with permanent marker on his chest with a superman looking design, and the nose was scratched up a bit. Regardless, the father at St. Ambrose is just glad to have it back.

"(I’m) very happy, very pleased, grateful to everyone who prayed to bring it back here to the parish," said Father Andrzei Skrzypiec.

He said the statue has a sacred sentimental value for the people at St. Ambrose. Had it not been returned, it could have never have been replaced. ABC 4 is told the sculptor died several years ago.
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