Friday, March 05, 2010

File Under, "How The Heck Was This Guy Made A Bishop?"

Catholic Culture gives us the following headline: Irish bishop 'embarassed' by kissing the Pope's ring.

An Irish bishop has caused a stir by saying that he was uncomfortable kissing the Pope's ring when the Irish bishops met with the Pontiff in February. Bishop Bill Murphy of Kerry said he was "rather embarrassed" when other Irish bishops kissed the Pope's ring rather than shaking his hand, but he followed suit. The gesture, he said, is "out of touch with modern thinking."

I simply cannot understand how people can still be entranced by 'modern thinking'. Has it really done us so much good? Has it done the church in Ireland so much good? I think not. The Pope is not a business executive, he is not your equal, he is not a rock star or celebrity. He is the Vicar of Christ on Earth. Kissing the ring is a gesture of humility and submission to the Universal Pastor. If the Irish Bishops need anything, it is a good dose of humility and submission.
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