Monday, February 15, 2010

Upcoming Birthday And Miscellaneous.

Yes, I realize that the posting has been light. Lots of stuff has been going on (in addition to STO). A few weeks ago I woke up with a rotator cuff injury. (It happened while I was asleep. Don't know what I was doing. I might have been fighting zombies and forgot rule #18 about limbering up.) Also, there is all the pesky stuff involved in preparing for Lent. I hope the weather improves tomorrow for Pyro Tuesday. (This year I was smart enough to borrow a mortar and pestle from the High School for grinding the ashes. Much better than using the coffee grinder: it takes about a month to get the taste out.)

Now add to this a problem with the Overlords. Disobedience and aggression problems had crept up. Finally, with a little prodding from the mom, I hired a trainer. After a two and a half hour training session, there were immediate positive results. These are reinforced with 15 minutes of training with each dog every day. It has made a world of difference. So here is a shout out to Barkbusters (see the link in my sidebar). They are an international franchise, so odd are good there is someone near you, though if you are lucky enough to live on the Wasatch Front, you can work with Mary Ann Harmon, who helped me and the Overlords.

Now, about the photos. (Gunaphobes will want to close their eyes, hum show-tunes, and navigate away.) My 45th birthday is coming up in June. (Have to plan ahead.) I like purchasing a firearm of appropriate caliber each year. (Last year I already had a .44 revolver and didn't know about rifles that shoot .44 Magnum and Special.) So this year, it has to be a .45. The M1911 is already covered. So at the present time, I am leaning toward either a Taurus Judge; a neat little revolver that fires either .45 Colt or .410 shot shells. Or a Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt. What do you think? Are there options that you think I should look at?
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