Friday, February 26, 2010

Mailing List.

Someone has to be messing with me. Somehow or other, I have gotten on some strange mailing lists. In the past, I have received junk from Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. (Actually I don't mind this as it means the they are using to solicit money from me will get them absolutely no return.) I even got a Roman Catholic Womanpriest Calendar a few years ago. (OK, this wasn't from a mailing list. My friend Msgr. Pellegrino thought it would be funny.) But recently, I have been getting some strange stuff including a catalog of liturgical dance accouterments and a catalog from a place called "Praise Banners"; ain't gonna happen, people. I have received complementary copies of NCR and US Catholic. (If your right hand is tempted to subscribe to either of these rags, cut it off!)

But the latest is also the strangest; Ministry & Liturgy, aka the rag formerly known as Modern Liturgy. Let me be honest about this, I would rather belt sand my own face off than subscribe to this. Why you may ask? Well in the issue they sent, one finds an articles on, "A new model of church" and "What church is". (Word to the wise if the word church is used as a verb or without an article, something heretical is going on.) We are the church says the later. Bunk, we are part of the Church, but thankfully She is far more than just us. The later says that church is a dysfunctional family that needs to be a community of caregivers. Can you say "psycobabel"? I knew you could. There is also an article on music by David Hass. Yeah, right. That's like getting financial advice from AIG. And don't forget a spirituality of hospitality and dialogue. (Two of my least favorite words when used theologically.) The icing on the cake is a letter touting resistance to the new translation from a music director in the Bronx. If you want to see what is wrong with pastoral and liturgical theology, then look at this magazine. Otherwise, ash can it.
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