Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ground Hugging Downers.

OK, the brilliant, wonderful, inspiring doofus in the White House wants to gut NASA. Leave off any thought of returning to the Moon. Forget developing the Ares rocket system to replace the shuttle. Instead, there will be a skeleton program for 'future' technology. But this won't leave NASA without a job. It will be tasked with monitoring 'Global Warming'. Why? Every program needs to make cuts (except welfare, Planned Parenthood, Americorp, ACORN, overseas abortions, etc...). Great, let's cut productive government programs.

When I think of politicians who wanted to cut NASA, who do I think of? Well there is Jolly Wally Mondale who tried to make political capital off of the Apollo 1 disaster. Just to be bi-partisan, there is also Richard Nixon who cut the program most closely associated with his 1960 foe. Ground hugging downers the both of them. You would think that the most brilliant man in America could come up with someone better to imitate.
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