Thursday, December 17, 2009

About Time? Amen.

The Vatican has announced that Emmanuel Milingo, former Archbishop of Lusaka, exorcist, charismatic, excomunicant, and Moonie stooge, has been defrocked. My admittedly unscientific and personally biased survey of the web finds that the usual reactions, "About time!" To this I say, "Amen!" It seems to me that for too long Rome has treated erring bishops with kid gloves. Some of this is due to a right concern and desire for their repentance. But, I think the larger portion is due to a fear of schism. Well, guess what at least in Milingo's case, the schism, as well as heresy, was already present. It is heartening to see Rome recognize this and take decisive action. Would they they would do more of it, particular in cases where if the miscreant were a simple priest the defrocking would be a fore-drawn conclusion. There must not even be the appearance that an old boys club is circling the wagons around one of their own. In this country, this would mean that the Dallas Charter would apply to bishops as well as priests and deacons. Anyone want to bet how quickly after that ebtter safeguards protecting the rights of the accused would be added?

Where in the world is Mr. Emmanuel Milingo? Who cares. Hit it Rockapella.
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