Monday, November 16, 2009

'tis Something Rotten In The City of Baltimore.

I have a suspicion, of which I hope to be proved wrong, that there is going to be some bad stuff happening at the Bishops' meeting in Baltimore this week. First, for the first time in 20 years EWTN will not be providing the gavel to gavel coverage of the meeting. The television station of the Diocese of Rockville Center will be providing the coverage. My guess is that some within the Conference, specifically in the Communications Committee, wanted more lap-dog like coverage. In the past, EWTN and its commentators did not shy away from pointing out the problems with "Faithful Citizenship", CCHD, of the obstructionism on the part of some bishops regarding the new liturgical translations. They did yeoman's work and we should all say a prayer of gratitude. I expect the commentary will be more docile and yes liberal especially regarding Bishop Trautman final fling at derailing the Vox Clara translation. (BTW I know one of the translators. There is absolutely no way that he would be a part of a bad or incomprehensible translation.) We all need to pray very hard for the bishops and there work this week. Also, I don't think it would be out of line to send the bishops' conference a letter, copied to our own bishops, about how much we miss the access to the conference meetings that EWTN provides especially in areas like my own without Catholic TV stations.
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