Friday, November 20, 2009


The diocese mailed out a statement earlier in the week say that a local radio station had made false statements concerning CCHD and gave examples of some good programs (and some not so good but not morally objectionable) that CCHD has supported locally. So what? No one is saying that all CCHD funded programs are problematic, but rather that enough have been and are. (It seems that every week a new program is uncovered that supports things contrary to the teaching of the Church.) Further, the whole premise of the CCHD and its addressing of the 'root causes of poverty' seems to be based more on Marxist and non-Marxist socialism than on the Gospel. A thoroughgoing review of CCHD is called for that at least develops mechanism that prevents the funding of problematic organization. It should also examine the very premise of CCHD and how it has been exploited to support leftist organizations.

The following is an American Life League release:


CCHD Still in Denial as Nov. 22 Collection Approaches

FRONT ROYAL, VA — As thousands of Catholic parishes across the country prepare for the annual Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection Nov. 22, shocking new developments have launched a groundswell of protest from Catholics around the country.

Reform CCHD Now Coalition members American Life League, Human Life International and the Bellarmine Veritas Ministry have spent the last two months exposing CCHD’s funding of organizations promoting abortion, homosexual marriage, birth control and sex education.

In the last year alone, the CCHD has funneled at least $1.3 million to groups opposing Catholic Church teaching.

The CCHD describes itself as the “domestic anti-poverty, social justice program of the U.S. Catholic bishops.”

The coalition’s latest discovery exposes 31 organizations partnered with the Center for Community Change. The CCC is a politically radical, anti-life, pro-homosexualist organization whose board members include Heather Booth, former consultant for the National Organization for Women and Sara Gould, President and CEO of pro-abortion Ms. Foundation for Women.

Through their "Generation Change" program the CCC trains and develops staff as "community organizers" for their partner groups. The CCC provides a resource library with books promoting "reproductive freedom and its "Movement Vision Lab" equates access to abortion and "reproductive justice" with seeking criminal justice. This project aims to build a "progressive movement" with a "coherent, compelling, shared vision — one that represents our values and dreams for society" according to the group.

“The connection is undeniable. There is no excuse for Catholic donations going towards organizations trained and supported by groups diametrically opposed to the Church,” said Michael Hichborn, lead researcher into the CCHD for the American Life League. “Until the CCHD proves grantees do not affiliate with those who attack Church teaching, the CCHD should not receive a single dime.”

The CCHD annually collects between $7-9 million from parishes across the country. This money is then redistributed to “community-controlled, self-help organizations and through transformative education,” according to their web site.

Since the coalition began its investigations at least two dioceses, Allentown and Madison, have publicly announced they will not be participating in the Nov. 22 collection. Gamaliel, one of the CCHD grantees partnered with the CCC, reports that five diocese have backed out of this year's CCHD collection.
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