Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday.

There is absolutely no way I am venturing outside my mom's house (the ersatz celebrutard bunker) today. The streets, the stores, everything is crawling with Black Friday Zombies. I have no desire to be eaten or trampled. I have plenty of food, a TV, and the Overlords.

(BTW the image is from a zombie movie filmed in SLC last year. The crowds were open call and I didn't find out about it until it was over!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Think I May Need Help.

Last night I dreamed that my boat had been stolen by drug dealing pirates (on the Great Salt Lake no less). I then had to retrieve it with the help of Paul Sr. from "American Chopper".

Friday, November 20, 2009


The diocese mailed out a statement earlier in the week say that a local radio station had made false statements concerning CCHD and gave examples of some good programs (and some not so good but not morally objectionable) that CCHD has supported locally. So what? No one is saying that all CCHD funded programs are problematic, but rather that enough have been and are. (It seems that every week a new program is uncovered that supports things contrary to the teaching of the Church.) Further, the whole premise of the CCHD and its addressing of the 'root causes of poverty' seems to be based more on Marxist and non-Marxist socialism than on the Gospel. A thoroughgoing review of CCHD is called for that at least develops mechanism that prevents the funding of problematic organization. It should also examine the very premise of CCHD and how it has been exploited to support leftist organizations.

The following is an American Life League release:


CCHD Still in Denial as Nov. 22 Collection Approaches

FRONT ROYAL, VA — As thousands of Catholic parishes across the country prepare for the annual Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection Nov. 22, shocking new developments have launched a groundswell of protest from Catholics around the country.

Reform CCHD Now Coalition members American Life League, Human Life International and the Bellarmine Veritas Ministry have spent the last two months exposing CCHD’s funding of organizations promoting abortion, homosexual marriage, birth control and sex education.

In the last year alone, the CCHD has funneled at least $1.3 million to groups opposing Catholic Church teaching.

The CCHD describes itself as the “domestic anti-poverty, social justice program of the U.S. Catholic bishops.”

The coalition’s latest discovery exposes 31 organizations partnered with the Center for Community Change. The CCC is a politically radical, anti-life, pro-homosexualist organization whose board members include Heather Booth, former consultant for the National Organization for Women and Sara Gould, President and CEO of pro-abortion Ms. Foundation for Women.

Through their "Generation Change" program the CCC trains and develops staff as "community organizers" for their partner groups. The CCC provides a resource library with books promoting "reproductive freedom and its "Movement Vision Lab" equates access to abortion and "reproductive justice" with seeking criminal justice. This project aims to build a "progressive movement" with a "coherent, compelling, shared vision — one that represents our values and dreams for society" according to the group.

“The connection is undeniable. There is no excuse for Catholic donations going towards organizations trained and supported by groups diametrically opposed to the Church,” said Michael Hichborn, lead researcher into the CCHD for the American Life League. “Until the CCHD proves grantees do not affiliate with those who attack Church teaching, the CCHD should not receive a single dime.”

The CCHD annually collects between $7-9 million from parishes across the country. This money is then redistributed to “community-controlled, self-help organizations and through transformative education,” according to their web site.

Since the coalition began its investigations at least two dioceses, Allentown and Madison, have publicly announced they will not be participating in the Nov. 22 collection. Gamaliel, one of the CCHD grantees partnered with the CCC, reports that five diocese have backed out of this year's CCHD collection.


Last night at about midnight MST visitor number 300,000 to this blog rolled in from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Thanks for coming by.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Warning From The Future.

The Star Trek re-boot is be released this week on DVD and BluRay. This is a very good thing. I found the movie to be thoroughly enjoyable and faithful to the spirit and mythology of the original. (Karl Urban's McCoy was the standout, though I don't think there was a bad performance in the whole movie.)

*****SPOILER ALERT******* Close your eyes and navigate away if you don't want an important part of the plot revealed.

In the movie, old Spock (Leonard Nimoy) comes back in time and meets young Kirk and young Spock. Unfortunately, old Spock doesn't give Kirk some useful information that would make Kirk's life a whole lot better. This is what Kirk should have been told:

1-Your 5 year mission is to boldly go where no man has gone before, not sleep with every bee-hived bimbo in the galaxy.

2-Stay away from Carol Marcus. (See #1).

3-The correct response when you find an old ship named Botany Bay is to fire all phasers and photon torpedoes immediately.

4-Ben Finney is hiding in Engineering.

5-Edith Keeler must die.

6-Tribbles are a good source of protein.

7-Stay away from Janice Lester (See #1).

8-Tell Scotty to watch the twinkies in later life. And while your at it, tell Uhura that after a certain age, fan dances are a bad idea.

9-Betazed should be destroyed from orbit. (Amended by Paul TRG) ... it's the only way to be sure.

10-Don't allow Disco to influence new Star Fleet uniforms.

11-Don't hit on alien women in an alien prison... they could be shape-shifting alien men. (Agent Smith).

12-Romulan Ale is not to be served at state dinners with Klingons. (CarpeNoctem).

13-Klingon food; eat it before it eats you. (Subvet).

14- Circuit breakers are good for preventing control panels on the bridge from shorting out and killing the crewmen stationed at them. Likewise, consider seat belts for the bridge crew. (Paul TRG)

15- Give Janice Rand a transfer to someplace where she can concentrate on her work. (Paul TRG)

16- Don't forget to check back on Khan every now and then. (Paul TRG) (Not necessary if you obey #3).

17- After I'm killed by radiation exposure, could you throw some Twinkies and Ho-Ho's in the casket with me before firing me down to the Genesis planet? (The Famous LarryD). (Not necessary #3 or #16 is followed.)

18- Next time I'm stuck with Mariette Hartley, don't rescue me, ok? (The Famous LarryD).

19- And watch out for Sulu. He's...different, if you know what I mean. (The Famous LarryD).

(If you have any you want to add, chime in in the combox.)

Monday, November 16, 2009

'tis Something Rotten In The City of Baltimore.

I have a suspicion, of which I hope to be proved wrong, that there is going to be some bad stuff happening at the Bishops' meeting in Baltimore this week. First, for the first time in 20 years EWTN will not be providing the gavel to gavel coverage of the meeting. The television station of the Diocese of Rockville Center will be providing the coverage. My guess is that some within the Conference, specifically in the Communications Committee, wanted more lap-dog like coverage. In the past, EWTN and its commentators did not shy away from pointing out the problems with "Faithful Citizenship", CCHD, of the obstructionism on the part of some bishops regarding the new liturgical translations. They did yeoman's work and we should all say a prayer of gratitude. I expect the commentary will be more docile and yes liberal especially regarding Bishop Trautman final fling at derailing the Vox Clara translation. (BTW I know one of the translators. There is absolutely no way that he would be a part of a bad or incomprehensible translation.) We all need to pray very hard for the bishops and there work this week. Also, I don't think it would be out of line to send the bishops' conference a letter, copied to our own bishops, about how much we miss the access to the conference meetings that EWTN provides especially in areas like my own without Catholic TV stations.

Conforming To The World.

From today's First Reading from the First Book of Maccabees:

In those days there appeared in Israel men who were breakers of the law,
and they seduced many people, saying: “Let us go and make an alliance with the Gentiles all around us; since we separated from them, many evils have come upon us.” The proposal was agreeable;some from among the people promptly went to the king, and he authorized them to introduce the way of living of the Gentiles. Thereupon they built a gymnasium in Jerusalem according to the Gentile custom. They covered over the mark of their circumcision and abandoned the holy covenant; they allied themselves with the Gentiles and sold themselves to wrongdoing.

In those days, the People of God (of course not all) sold out to the world. They turned from God to the world and its prince. They drunk deeply from the fountain of popular culture and poisoned their souls. Shame on them.

But lest we shake of fingers at those of the past, we need to realize that we have done the same thing. Over the last forty-five years or so, too many Catholics when confronted with opposition to the Faith from culture and the world have chosen the later. And more is the pity, they have done so with the aid of many theologians, lay 'leaders', and clergy using a mis-interpretation of the Second Vatican Council. Why is our understanding of human sexual so out of sync with the Gospel? We have allowed ourselves to be catechized by Hollywood. (If I hadn't believed this before, the recent "Rent" fiasco proved it once and for all.) Too many of the clergy and yes that includes the higher clergy, have deferred to so-called experts both in theology and secular sciences and have sold out the Gospel. Need an example of this, look at the Homosexual Abuse Scandal among the clergy.

The point is that the world must be conformed to the Gospel. We must be conformed to the Gospel. We must not allow ourselves to be evangelized by the anti-Gospel of the world.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Definition Of Self-Control:

Finding yourself at 3:00 A. M. in 10 m. p. h. traffic on the interstate beside the whacked out liberal editorial cartoonist from the local paper and NOT rolling down the car window and yelling invectives.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I Want One...

This would be fun at baptisms and useful for deterring the Mormon missionaries and the JWs. I also wonder how it would work on skateboarders.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Back At You, 'Buddy'.

So the traitor Nidal Hasan shouted, "Allahu Akbar," before gunning down his fellow soldiers. I guess that means it's OK for us to scream back, "Deus Vult!" to him and his friends. Make no mistake, we need to treat the current struggle as a crusade plain and simple.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request.

I just found out that a friend and former parishioner took her own life last night after suffering from severe depression. Please keep Billie, her husband, and their two young daughters in your prayers.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Not In My Name!

Let's be clear on something, the wing nuts of the "Plowshares Movement" do not speak for me or for my church. The 5 arrested development hippies may include a priest (Jesuit) and a nun but what they espouse is unthinking pacifism. During a web search about this story, I encountered a lot of whining about the 'abuse' they suffering (hand-cuffed, hooded, and left on the 'cold, wet ground' for a couple of hours. They were lucky they were not shot. (Marines are very uncompromising concerning the security of nuclear weapons.) I hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law regardless of their ages. Or rather because of their ages. They are old enough to know better.

(PS Tell me again why the visitation of the religious congregations in this country is a bad idea. Though it is becoming obvious that the men's congregations needed to be included too.)

Playing The Matchmaker.

For those of you who don't know, I have bi-ritual faculties in the Maronite Rite. I am also told that there is a custom among the Maronites of priests helping their young people find spouses. In other words, being a matchmaker. (In fact, two of my parishioners, Paul and Michelle, parents of the Simonettes, were 'introduced' through the good offices of Abuna Decker.) I have this image in my mind of a song that goes something like, "Matchpriest, Matchpriest, find me a man...."

And so eligible Catholic guys out there (Barneso are you listening?), let me introduce you to Kat from Carolina also known as the Crescat. Here is a pretty (look at the profile picture), smart, conservative, funny, and faith-filled woman. In addition to being a cubicle-dweller during the day, she is training as a nurse in the evening. No bon-bon eating slacker here. (And no she isn't an Alice from Dilbert.) Heck, she even likes fire. Why else would she set her backyard on fire.

So gentlemen, head on over to The Crescat and introduce yourself.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Just got done baptizing Philip the Miracle Baby. Philip is my fourth godson as such his nickname is Quartus. I am sure grandma Tara, the Loved Sinner, will have pictures posted soon. She is as excited and hyper as a four-year-old after a six-pack of Red Bull.