Monday, October 12, 2009

They Are Closing My Dealership.

As I was driving back to the parish from mom's this morning, I drove past the Saturn dealership in Riverdale. There was a big advertising balloon in the parking lot that said liquidation sale. I knew the Penske sale had fallen through, but I guess this really means that the GMC division of Obamaco is really just going to close down Saturn. I have been driving Saturns since right before my ordination when I decided that the '78 Chrysler land barge needed to be retired. I have been please with the cars and the service Saturn provided. The complaint was that Saturn didn't make money for GM. I believe this was because after an initial good start where Saturn was for all purposes independent, GM started to run Saturn like, well, GM. So, no more Saturns and worse, at this point, finding a new place to service my car. One this is certain however, I will buy a GM car when Hell freezes over and I vote for Obama.
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