Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Surprise Visit.

Tuesday morning, I received a welcome surprise visit. It was from William K. Weigand, retired Bishop of Sacramento and former Bishop of Salt Lake City. Bishop Weigand ordained me, twice. He also baptized, confirmed, and administered first holy communion to me. In a very real sense, you could say that he is my spiritual father. And like a bio-father, we didn't always see eye to eye. Nevertheless, it was great to see him and I was humbled that he stopped by to see me and the new church. We also had a great conversation over lunch. (He brought his little dog Rubio along with him. I never pictured His Excellency as a dog owner. Nonetheless, they are devoted to each other and he is a very good little dog.)

On a sad side note, when I told a priest friend, from another diocese, about this, he said, "Well that would never happen in my diocese, a bishop showing up for a surprise visit. Well, it might happen, but it would be something like, 'Hi. You have been accused of X.'" This is all too true. If one thing comes out of the Year of the Priest, I hope it will be that bishops once again act as fathers for their priests. (We have may brothers, but only one bishop-father.)
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