Saturday, October 24, 2009

Something Positive.

There may be some bozos out there that think that all I do is criticize everything (except zombie movies). Nothing can be farther from the case. Though there is a lot of stupid and evil stuff out there to criticize.

Today, however, I would like to compliment the TSA at Salt Lake City International Airport. I have found them to be universally kind, professional, and even friendly, which I find strange considering the mind-numbing nature of their job.

Case in point, as I was being screened last Monday morning, I realized that I had forgotten to removed my pocket knife from my pocket. This is something I ritually do before I leave for the airport, but that flight was early and I was semi-conscious. I thought the knife would end up on the island of lost toys. This would have been bad enough in itself, but the knife was a gift from my late grandmother. The screener was very cordial and informed me that if I bought an envelope and postage, I could mail it to myself. He didn't have to be nice about it, but her was. So kudos to SLC International TSA staff.
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