Saturday, September 05, 2009

It Was Twenty Years Ago...

that I packed up my vehicle and headed to the seminary. Somehow, I think it is appropriate that this is the year that the first fellow from one of my parishes enters the seminary. I am a bit embarrassed that it has taken twenty years to happen. I felt like a failure. Yet, the seeds God plants sprout when and where they will. (In Fresno, the entire entering class comes from the parish of my friend Harvey Fonseca. No wonder he is a monsignor!)

I have been thinking about the fellows I entered with. Several left before completing studies, some through their own volition and others not. Some were ordained, but did not persevere. And some are serving God and His people within the Church. I have been remiss in praying for all of them.

So I ask you to remember all the men studying for the priesthood, especially those in your own diocese. Seminary, like life itself, can be both heaven and hell: it like all of Christian life is a share in the Cross of Christ.
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