Friday, September 25, 2009

ACORN Treatment For CCHD.

About a decade ago, the Wanderer did yeomen's work exposing problems with the Campaign for Human Development. The bishops' conference took the bull by the horn and addressed the problems by adding Catholic to the name, hence Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Evidently, that was all they did. CCHD continued to fund ACORN and a plethora of leftist organization. When a given organization was exposed working for goals contrary and alien to the Church, they were defunded, at least for a time, but no systemic changes were made. Enough is enough! Just as ACORN can't be fixed, but is rotten to the core, so to with CCHD. Defund it! Shut it down! Instead, fund Catholic groups that actually work with and for the poor; not community organizers or other Marxists at prayers. Look to groups like Cross International, Food for the Poor, or the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. They actually do good in the spirit of the Gospel.
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