Thursday, August 06, 2009


As far as I can tell, the only thing that has been stimulated locally is the number of road projects. It has gotten to the point it is hard to go some place from my church without seeing some of these guys. Don't ask me about the yearlong project on Harrison Blvd. (the main street that gives access to the church). There has to be something hinky going on here. I suspect the orange barrel people made major contributions to the DNC. Oh, and so I can be reported to the Blue Shirts along with all the other cool bloggers, the 'health care reform' is a crock. Do we really want the same people who gave us the IRS and porculus directing our health care? I don't think so either. One more thing, if you think the bill is bad now, just wait until the Federal Courts are done with it. (Look what they have done with ADA.) Federal mandated and funded sex reassignments and cosmetic surgery here we come!

(Yes I am cranky. Gale force winds again prevented sailing on my day off.)
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