Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Off To The Celebrutard Bunker.

I want a bunker (a unabomber cabin would also work). Two or three weeks of food, a good supply of books, dvds, and cds, and absolutely no connection to the media whatsoever. Why do I want it? So I can ride out celebrity events (especially deaths) in blissful isolation from the Main Stream Meda fawnings, canonizations, and exploitations. After Princess D and Michael Jackson, I don't think I can handle anymore. And another one is incoming with the death of Ted Kennedy. (I am doing my best not to make any amateur scuba jokes). The fawning has already begun. "The last tie to Camelot is gone!" "Let's pass Obamacare for the Tedder!" And I am waiting for someone to re-write "Abraham, Martin, and John" so as to include Ted in the lyrics. The man was an embarassment to the Faith and our country. (The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should have to do penance for repeatedly sending him to the Senate.) I am glad that he died with a priest in attendance and I will certainly include him in my prayers, but there is nothing about this man that was praiseworthy. I cringe at the though of what his public Catholic funeral will be like. The VP Joe Biden said, "He's left a great void in our public life and a hole in the hearts of millions of Americans." Never fear Joe, some clown will no doubt step forward to take his place in mis-government.
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