Friday, August 14, 2009

A Good Place For The Visitation To Start.

The LCWR meeting is going on in the Crescent City (as if floods, hurricanes, and high crime were not enough). 'To be who we are and to speak our truth' is the quote used to head an article about the meeting. That captures the problem in a nutshell. If things were as they ought to be it would read, "To be who we are called by Christ to be and to speak His truth." No self-empowerment, no relativism. Unfortunately, much of religious life as practiced in the modern world seems to be about anything but Christ and His Church.

On a side note, it is interesting to see how the 'libs' are spinning the Year of the Priest. No talking about the Sacrament of Holy Orders or vocations to the holy priesthood. Instead, it is education on the common priesthood of all believers. (I can't help but think that they are embarrassed by Holy Orders. It is as if it were the weird uncle that is kept looked in the attic.) Kinda like the way the Chrism Mass is celebrated in some dioceses where the focus is switch from the Priesthood to the common priesthood of the baptized.
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