Monday, July 20, 2009

Dipstick Mormon Missionary Of The Year Award Goes To ...

Keven McGill. Digi, Attorney-at-law, found this punk on Facebook. (See here, here, and also here.) Kev-dog evidently is a fan of gangsta 'culture', which while kinda strange doesn't surprise me much--I have been stuck in traffic next to enough white Utah boys groovin to c-rap. (I really hate listening to the base line of other people's music even though their windows are shut and so are mine.) Stupid, but hey numbnutts is 19. However, he also thinks that it is entertaining to paint a Hitler mustache on Pope Benedict and rename him Adolf Hitler and, haha, post it on Facebook. (Hmmm, maybe he wants to be a reporter for the New York Times and cover papal events.) Not cool, especially considering the history of the Holy Father and His Family. I wonder if he has a picture of Dr. King dressed as a Klansman somewhere. I also wonder how Keven would react to a nice picture of President Monson in drag or perhaps with horns and a goatee. But Father, he is a only 19. This is bad taste, but hey he is a kid. Yeah he is being immature, but this points to a deeper problem. The Mormon Church has historically taught, and still does in many places, that the Catholic Church is the "great and abombinable church", the Whore of Babylon. It is, therefore, no wonder that one of their missionaries would do this any more that it was no surprise when a group of missionaries desecrated and vandalized a Catholic Church in Colorado a couple of years ago.
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