Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Crucified Practically Everyday.

Allow me to suggest a prayer intention to you, o faithful reader, the many seminarians that currently undergoing Clinical Pastoral Education (aka CPE, Crucified Practically Everyday, or CPEatme.) CPE is meant to educated clergy in pastoral care, according to its Wikipedia entry. Usually, this takes place in a hospital setting. One would think that this would entail learning how to effectively minister to the sick, dying, their families, and health care workers. At its best, it does. However, more often than not it is hijacked by theological liberal in their effort to weed out orthodox seminarians and teach relativism. The horror stories are endless. I know of one fellow who was placed in a program supervised by an ex-Episcopalian Wiccan priestess. I was fairly lucky. My program was supervized by an Episcopal priest who was a liberal in the classic sense, he was open to everyone's views even mine. This however didn't stop my being repeated attacked in group by the ex-Catholic priest and the extremely bitter middleaged Catholic woman. To tell you how bad it was, the fellow student I got on best with was the Episcopal woman seminarian from Berkeley. (We both liked beer and Star Trek. I have since read that she has given talks on women in minstry at Minneapolis' infamous St. Joan of Arc.) During the following year at the seminary, my evaluation was used by a couple of the plain clothes penguins to make my life more difficult. (I had the gall to actually tell my friend that no, I didn't believe that women could validly be ordained.) If it were up to me, CPE would be removed from seminary requirements. Until then, pray for those who have to endure it.
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