Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Visit From The Other Side.

Some folks may be wondering why I moderate comments on posts over one week old. As I state in the notice, it is due to paleo-commenting: people leaving comments on very old posts. Sometime they are ads other times it is someone wanting to put their 2 cents worth in, which isn't bad except as it is my blog I want the opportunity to have the last word.

A few years ago, I made a post concerning the icons of Robert Lenz, OFM. While technically (artistically) good, theologically they are a mess. He uses pagan and neo-pagan imagery as well as homoerotic stuff. Furthermore, he slanders several saints by alledging that they were gay. Here is a link to the post.

Well, today I received this nice little comment. (Using the Fr. Z convention, red is my response.)

Your web site promotes the worst in ignorance, anger and fear. You're a beautiful example of why the separation of church and state needs to be vehemently enforced in this country. As a priest, I'm shocked that you would lower yourself to this type of garbage. A catholic priest at that. "Rigid, "Narrow-minded and proud of it?" Wow. (Yup, I am 'narrow-minded' in that I believe all that is taught by the Holy Roman Church and 'rigid' in that I refuse to bow down to the teachings of the prophets of Modernism and Secularity.)

One of your bloggers writes: "...the only "one-true God, of course..." (Yes, that is what it is about. Knowing the one, true God who has revealed Himself completely and finally in the person of Christ (see the II Vatican document Dei Verbum.)) Where were you ordained? (Salt Lake City, by a successor of the Apostles.) If you haven't realized by now, that Compassion, Understanding and Love are the keys to the Kingdom, then you need to seriously sit and spend some time in contemplation. (I suspect we would define these terms quite diferently. I see nothing compassionate, loving, or understanding in standing idly by while heresy is be promoted under the guise of Catholic teaching.) I see nothing in this site, nor in the comments posted, which reflect any Christian value. (Perhaps then you need to re-evaluate your understanding of the Faith and It's truth.) Your people suffer, they are stuck in their own defilement, help them out their suffering by setting an example. Instead you choose to participate in the promotion of Ignorance. (So standing for the truth of the Apostolic Faith and practice is ignorance?) Sad.

I don't think Jesus would be very proud of this web site, (You are likely right at times. I am a sinner like the rest of us.) and I seriously doubt He appreciates a priest (you) using his position in the Church to promote his personal political views and opinions. (So, I can't have personal opinions? Let me assure you, when my opinions are merely personal, they are identified as such.) Robert Lenz (a man truly mis-using his position to promote heresy), homosexuality (a disorder which if acted upon leads a person away from God), sacred vs. non-sacred art (yes, there is a distinctions between ? Grow-up Erik.(Ah, here we come to the meat. Typical liberal arrogance. Dismiss what you disagree with as unenlightened rather than presenting a counter argument.) We are all One.(What the devil does this mean. We are called to be one in Christ, but this is only possible through communion with Him within His Church.) We are all made in the image of God. (And yet, we are touched by the stain of sin, orginal and personal.) The image you reflect is a debasement of anything Godly. It seems like you’re more interested in promoting the spirit of Hate. (Hatred of sin and falsehood most certainly.) Thomas Merton says "Hatred is the definition of Hell." (Thank you, but I won't rely on Merton for thelogical definitions.) Start a new web site promoting the spirit of Love, or do yourself a favor and disrobe. (Love is founded in the person of Christ.) Because it doesn’t seem to me, being a priest is your true calling. (Well, fortunately, you are not the arbiter of my vocation.)

I have several suspicions about what is really going on here, but I will keep them to myself.

(PS you may be interested to know that Robert Lenz, who is no longer in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, is back to selling the problematic pseudo-icons.)
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