Thursday, June 18, 2009

Novus Ordo Wishlist.

Well, I have been publicly celebrating the EF more or less weekly since last October. For the next two Sunday, I will be celebrating it at St. Martin de Porres Parish in Taylorsville (formerly know, as well-deservedly so, as Our Lady of Star Trek, and not in a good way). Pope Benedict is quoted as expressing hope that the celebration of the Old Rite would inform the New (and vice versa), it certainly has for me. I have been thinking more and more about how I celebrate the Holy Mass (make no mistake, I never 'preside'). Also, I have been thinking more and more about the rites themselves. For some time I have considered writing a post about my observations of the EF and I likely will. But know let me share a wish list I have for the development of the Ordinary Form.

It looks like we are actually going to get a very good English translation. (All the wrong people are whining about it). And while it is a crime that it took so long and was able to be delayed as much as it was, we will have it. A great start, but more needs to be done.

1. Supress the non-confiteor options for the penitential rite. They do not adequately express a personal acknowledgement of sin. (On of the great needs in the Church is for a recovered sense of personal sin.)

2. Re-examine the lectionary and restore the 'downer' passages that are left out.

3. Make the Nicene Creed the only one usable at Mass. (Unfortunately, it looks like the new missal will allow the use of the Apostles' Creed.)

4. Restore the offertory prayers from the EF in their entirety. (These profound prayers really focus the intent of the celebrant and are much better than the table prayers we have now.)

5. Suppress the Children's Eucharistic Prayers and also the ones for Reconcilliation. Face it folks, these are banal beyond belief. Yes, they are valid, but I have yet to meet children who are stupid enough to need these. While we are at it, II-IV should also go. If we need more anaphorae, why not look to the Eastern Rites. The Maronite anaphorae are particularly good.

6. Restore the old rubrics for the Roman Canon. The multiple genuflections and blessing were not mindless repetitions but ceremonial reinforcement of important points.

7. Move or better eliminate the sign of peace.

8. Restore the option of the recitation of the Last Gospel. We can't hear St. John 1 too often. (Think of it as an epilogue to the Mass.)

9. Mandate that the Liturgy of the Eucharist be said facing the same direction as the people.

I think that all or even some of the changes would lead to a more reverent and meaningful celebration of the Sacred Mysteries and strengthen the organic relationship between the EF and
the OF.


I forgot to add:

10. Restoration of sacred vestments. Can we honestly say that the liturgy is better off without amices, cinctures, and maniples and with the cheap modern one that look like they were made and designed by myopic hippies.
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