Friday, May 08, 2009

Memoirs Of A Train Wreck.

It seems that Rembert Weakland, (forcibly) retired Archbishop of Milwaukee, is moving to New Jersey and writing his memoirs. Weakhead, as you may remember, was the uber liberal ordinary who presided over the destruction of the Milwaukee Archdiocese, its seminary, and its cathedral. If there was a goofy idea out there, it is likely Weaklink endorsed and furthered it. That is until it became known that he had paid off a catemite with a half mill of diocesan cash. (Giving context to his remark that pedo priests were in fact targets of predatory adolescents.) I lived in Milwaukee for two years during his tenure and saw things I never want to see again. (A former bishop once asked me why I was so conservative. I told him I wasn't, until I experienced Milwaukee. He said, "Oh, Weakland." and nodded his head.) So he is now leaving the scene of the crime (about time) and writing his manifesto. Maybe he will title it, "How to Destroy the Church (without really trying)".
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