Friday, May 29, 2009

Losing The Best We Have?

I read a comment elsewhere on the Cutie affair to the effect that the Church must change Her discipline or we will lose our "best and brightest". Excuse me? Best and brightest? Hardly. While Cutie is no doubt charismatic, his actions have shown that he was certainly neither our best nor our brightest. The other priests I have know that have left could be similarly characterized. Who are the best and brightest. Well they are not the 'golden boys' that are all too frequently coddled by seminaries and chanceries. (This is one of the major problems in priestly life and formation. I will post about this at a later date.) They are the hardworking, pious priests who most often labor for a lifetime in obscurity and with little thanks. Two years ago, I wrote about some of them. As to the Cutie 'best and brightest', chaff to be blown away by the winds of the world and temptation.
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